Professional beauticians to work on nails at home in Dubai

Professional beauticians to work on nails at home in Dubai


Taking care of your nails is vital for every individual, especially women. Many of the ladies like to varnish them at home, while many prefer to visit a salon to get professional manicure or pedicure. But now if you want to get a professional treatment at home then you can contact a service provider offering affordable services of nails spa Dubai and enjoy a private manicure or pedicure treatment in the privacy and comfort of your home.  

Manicure and pedicure services

Many of the beauty salons provide manicure and pedicure services offered by professional beauty consultants or trained beauty care experts just on a simple call. This trend is becoming quite popular as you can pamper yourself at your place without the hassle of travel and weather. These services are a gift that is unique and beneficial where you can enjoy a home makeover on your nails.

You can easily secure a manicure or pedicure service from a trained beautician in the privacy of your home. Many salons also offer beauty gift vouchers to their customers so that they can enjoy the professional manicure and pedicure services from their practicing beauticians. You can also get these treatments at a lower price tag offered as a package deal.


Affordable pricings

Being the cheapest of all beauty services, manicures and pedicures are in high demand today. A professional mani-pedi service starts around 200 to 300 Dirhams. Only a manicure treatment starts from around 180 Dirhams, and a pedicure would start at around 120 Dirhams. You can get nail polishing services too starting from 50 Dirhams. You are also offered nail extension services at home, the starting price of which is around 200 Dirhams.

Since now, there are several salons in Dubai that offer almost every kind of beauty treatment at home. You just need to give a call at a reputed salon that offer such services and secure an appointment as per your own preferences. A skilled beautician will be at your doorstep within the secured time and date so that you can get pleasure from a home makeover on your nails.

Are you looking for manicure services within your home? If so, then Nooora Beauty Concierge offers the services of nails at home Dubai at very pocket friendly prices. We have some of the best beauty professionals employed with us. Along with manicure and pedicure services, they also provide facials, hair treatments, massages of different kinds and make-up services.

 Documents you will require for family residence visa Dubai

 Documents you will require for family residence visa Dubai

When applying for Dubai residence visa for your family, you would require certain specific documents. Being a kind of legal procedure, you need to be very specific while submitting documents in relevant departments. Here is a list of documents that you must have with yourself when applying for family residence visa.


  • A completely filled application form.
  • Your (Sponsor’s) Emirates ID.
  • For sponsoring your wife, you will need the original marriage certificate that is attested by both Foreign Affairs in UAE and UAE embassy in your home country.
  • For sponsoring your children, you will require original birth certificate of your children that is attested by both Foreign Affairs in UAE 
  •  UAE embassy in your home country.
  • If you work for a private company then you need to produce an attested work contract and if you are an employee of a government/semi-government agency, then you would require an attested salary certificate.
  • You would require an attested tenancy contract.
  • Original and photocopies of the passports of your sponsored family members’.
  • 3 colored passport size photographs of all family members.
  • Your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and bank statement of last three months.
  • Health and medical certificate of your spouse and children over 15 years.
  • If you are an investor, then you would also require a refundable deposit of AED 3020 for each sponsored family member, trade license copy and LLC agreement.

The authority for approving family residence visa is General Directorate of Residency & Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). The above mentioned documents are submitted to this department. They will verify your documents and then approve the visa by stamping it on the passport of your family members who are sponsored.

Note that

  • Your family members living on a resident visa in Dubai should not leave UAE for a consecutive period of 6 months, violating which will make the visa invalid.
  • The procedure for sponsoring your parents is quite different than that for sponsoring your spouse and kids. The salary requirement also differs in such a case.