An introduction to cable baskets

Cable baskets are a kind of cable trays used to provide excellent support to data cables. Data cables are small in size compared to electrical cables. Cable baskets are very light in weight and provide protection against corrosion. 


Difference between Cable baskets and Cable trays


The major difference between cable trays suppliers in UAE and baskets is trays are generally used for cable installations that involve heavier wires. On the other hand, baskets are generally used when to manage a plethora of small cables to be wired.


Solid trays are typically made out of steel to protect them from corrosion. Cable

baskets, though far lighter in weight than the trays. In spite of the fact that baskets are not made out of strong steel like cable trays, the baskets are made to fight against corrosion, making them last for a longer time.


Cable management by Cable baskets


Cable baskets are preferred as it becomes much easier for cable distribution and a proper cable management as the wires are placed inside the basket and there is no need for pulling them through pipes. Pulling the cables is a difficult task but cable trays require minimum time and smoothens path for cables to facilitate easily distributed at the required areas. Cable baskets are a better option as they allow easy access to wires and provides protection to the wiring system.


Advantages of using cable basket


Using cable baskets for managing cables come with many advantages during the cable installation and after that as well. Cable baskets are lighter in weight and user-friendly when compared to the cable trays. Not just that, cable baskets can be installed in minimum time.

Cable baskets are easily adaptable to changes and require minimal prediction for the wires during the process of changing.


Wires and cables are frequently subjected to changes and cable basket/cable tray are used for fitting them.