Bikini Wax: Tips and tricks for beginners

 Bikini Wax: Tips and tricks for beginners

Do you wish for smooth and silky skin and get rid of that everlasting itching, ingrown hairs. and frequent shaving. Thinking about bikini hair removal but do not have the courage to go for it. Shyness deters many people from having the procedure done. Don’t worry it is a routine job for a beauty therapist and will help avoid the embarrassment. You can do your bikini wax in the privacy of your own home by availing home service waxing Dubai to avoid the discomfort. 

Well, nobody likes going into something with no clue about what is going to happen. Let’s know some pointers which will get you ready.


  • If you’re a waxing virgin, seek professional help. Attempting bikini wax first-time by yourself is a big no-no as you will end up with disastrous results. Professionals are well versed with the intricacies of waxing this intimate area to finish the work off quickly and efficiently.


  • Prior to when you go for a bikini wax, make sure it’s not a last-minute decision. As the skin is not ready to expose soon after the waxing due to redness and soreness. The soreness may last about 24 to 48 hours and it is recommended that you use warm water and apply lotion to the waxed area. So, you should give your skin time before you need to flaunt it.


  • One day before undergoing bikini waxing, you must trim the excess hair with a scissor yourself. The longer the hair the more painful and sore you will be. You should also exfoliate the area and use lotions or creams to soften the body hair you want to be removed. 


  • Loosen up during the treatment. Be as comfortable as you can during the treatment as stress will likely magnify the pain. Keep the skin in the spot tight to help make waxing easier. After you are done with the process a gentle exfoliation will be done to minimize the very real risk of ingrown hairs, which can be dealt with by applying ice and soothing cream or lotion to help comfort the skin and ward off the risk of infection


  • Women should avoid going through with the procedure during or near their monthly period. Not proceeding with bikini waxing just after or before their period is to prevent unnecessary pain that may result due to women’s relatively higher skin sensitivity during these periods. Similarly, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you may want to abstain for a while. 


  • Prepare yourself mentally. No pain no gain. Yes, it hurts, but you just need to relax, breathe in deeply and let the expert do their job. You can take pain killer or paracetamol half an hour before you get it started. To maintain your bikini wax you’ll need to have it done every 2-4 weeks. You will also discover that the more you have this type of waxing done, the less painful it will be. 


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